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    歌名Horizon 歌手名 MIYAVI


    Imagine nothing in the morning light If the World ended we had one last night So every man has danced through history Around the fires from the clubs to seas And in our life we have an instinct for us To move to move to move If you come with me don't fall behind With the horizon in sight Just imagine let go of your mind Like we're on the edge of light We'll be going like Yeah oh "O-do-re" oh oh oh oh We want it all Before it ends tonight. So tell me what this life is all about Cuz we've been close but time is running out Imagine dancing on horizon's floor We do what's natural to us once more The World might end tomorrow but one thing I know I know I know


    專輯名 MIYAVI
    歌手名 MIYAVI
    發行日 2013-10-11