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    PTX, Vol. 1 專輯封面

    歌名Aha! 歌手名 Pentatonix


    Eat, sleep and breathe that you're full of the stuff Go back and tie it up tight Wheat, meat, dairy-free tea, total happy clappy high on life You should try it You should know (you should know) go on while no one's looking A-ha, caught you now (caught you now) Caught you red handed in the biscuit tin Cost you to keep me quiet Golden boy boots, pocket pedestal, making smart sharp moves Plastic, tin can, paper, separated Busy bee wave, wave save the planet flag But sneaky in suburbia A-ha, candid camera Hook the line and sinker for the four-wheel drive Cost you to keep me quiet Keep me quiet, keep me quiet Nicest sweetest, utmost in everything It's so charming, very charming Well, reckon play the fool no one's ill at ease And put the deepest Swiss bank trust in you No one saw it coming A-ha! A-ha! A-ha! A-ha! Cost you to keep me quiet Hey


    專輯名 PTX, Vol. 1
    歌手名 Pentatonix
    發行日 2012-06-26