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    絕對收藏黃大煒 專輯封面

    歌名Cocktail Party 歌手名 黃大煒


    Aren't you being premature? Isn't it a bit too soon? I used to have to suffer, the ravings of a fool Am l being immature? But, making noise is what I do, Why do I have to suffer, the rantings of a fool I need to dream, the dreams. that lead to the future Instead of these nightmares. starring you You little upstart. you better not, Come around asking for money. This ain't no freak show, or don't you know, It's just a cocktail party. You mean old bastard, you're such a jerk. I wouldn't ask you for nothing, This ain't no peep show. Well whada you know it's just a cocktail party… Am I being insecure? But, Dr. B says I'm cool. AII you've got to offer, are ramblings of a fool? Time to start my overture. something so brand new. I'm just sick and tired, of listening to you I used to have, these weird, peculiar nightmares. I used to have nightmares, staming you


    專輯名 絕對收藏黃大煒
    歌手名 黃大煒
    發行日 2014-08-08