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    Real? 專輯封面

    歌名Real? 歌手名 MIYAVI


    作詞:MIYAVI、James Harris III、Terry Lewis 作曲:MIYAVI、James Harris III、Terry Lewis 3, 2, 1, We're counting down let's turn it up the future is here You see those colorful connections for the colorless with no ideas I hear the GOCHA GOCHA... what the hell the noise is buzzing in my head Messed up with EMOJI sayin' Eh-oh-oh, eh-oh Ring ting zing now your virtual life is callin' you Those selfy's don't show us who you really are Got likes likes likes... yeah but how many people lovin' you? All the noise sounds MUNASHI I DAKE Is this real? Groove on this the moment is now what you feel is real The clones are out tonight and they are seriously dressed to kill Hey look the robot's gonna buy you drinks while testing out his sex appeal You've got your strength in your hands everything is up to you And now It's time to hook it up on the floor Clap clap clap see that even the plastic hearts are pumpin' Now KOKORO GA ODORI DASU This is real Groove on this the moment is now what you feel is real Let the music take you higher Move on til' you're filled Scream out to the future louder Free to say what's real


    專輯名 Real?
    歌手名 MIYAVI
    發行日 2014-09-08