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    Real? 專輯封面

    歌名Set It On Fire 歌手名 MIYAVI


    作詞:MIYAVI、Jeff Blue 作曲:MIYAVI、Jeff Blue You've got a fuse, I've got a lighter Picture the sky the flame goin' higher Raise up your hands, fuel the desire Yes, it's the time to set it on fire We are one song Ringing for centuries long We are one heart Our souls are beating strong And you know We won't fade away Burning through the darkest day Blow the clouds away And set it on fire We won't bend or break Never make the same mistakes Yeah we here to stay Set it on fire They've got a gun but we've got an army Back to the future where it's starting Raise up our hands, oceans are divided The moment is now, you are all invited


    專輯名 Real?
    歌手名 MIYAVI
    發行日 2014-09-08