Lou Reed



Some couples live in harmony some do not Some couples yell and scream some do not But what you said was something that I can't forget It echoes in my head like a bullet made of lead Some people yell and scream and some do not Some people sacrifice their lives and some do not Some people wait for sleep to take them away While others read books endlessly hoping problems will go away I know you're hoping everything works out Neither one of us is the type who shouts You sleep in the bedroom while I pace up and down the hall Our baby stares at both of us wondering which one of us to call I guess it's true that not every match burns bright I guess it's true not all that I say is right But what you said still bounces around in my head Who thought this could happen to us when we first went to bed I'm told in the end that none of this matters All couples have troubles and none of this matters But what you said still echoes in my head And I'm still in the hallway downstairs sleeping alone instead I know you don't care but here's my last thought Not that it matters but here's the last thing I thought Our little thing is lying here in tatters And you my dear don't have any manners Sad to leave this way to leave it all in tatters Saddening to leave this way to leave it all in tatters I suppose that we all could say that nothing of it matters Still it's sad to see everything in tatters



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