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    紅伶心事 (1) (Remastertd) 專輯封面

    歌名Somewhere in time / 似曾相識 (Remastertd) 歌手名 黃鶯鶯

    作詞 Belinda Foo
    作曲 Belinda Foo


    Somewhere in time You came into my world Love was beyond what I imagined love would be Now just a dream I hold till the end of time Hoping someday we'll find what we left behind There'll come a day Our paths will meet again We'll cross the bridge of time and space to a love that's free No more goodbye No lonely waiting That'll be our day to love,to live all our dreams ☆ If we believe and keep alive The hope that love will stand the test of distance and time Then we shall find our new tomorrow Somewhere in time Someday there'll be no time between us There'll just be endless days for us to love and share We'll rise above the tears of our lonely years Into a world beyond today In another somwhere