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    紅伶心事 (1) (Remastertd) 專輯封面

    歌名All I ask of you / 愛 是我唯一所求 (Remastertd) 歌手名 黃鶯鶯


    No more talk of darkness, 別再提起黑暗陰影 Forget these wide-eyed fears. 忘卻那些眼底疑懼 I'm here, nothing can harm you 我在這裡,沒有人能夠傷害你 My words will warm and calm you. 我的言語可以平靜溫暖你 Let me be your freedom, 讓我助你掙脫過去 Let daylight dry your tears. 讓陽光拭乾你的淚 I'm here, with you, beside you, 我在這裡,陪著你伴著你 To guard you and to guide you . . . 保護你,導引你 Say you love me every winter morning, 說你愛我,在每個冬日清晨 Turn my head with talk of summertime . . . 讓這種感覺持續到夏日來臨 Say you need me with you, now and always . . . 說你需要我,始終不渝 Promise me that all you say is true 答應我你的話出自真心 That's all I ask of you . . . 這是我唯一所求 Let me be your shelter, 讓我成為你的屏障 Let me be your light. 讓我做你的光 You're safe: no-one will find you 你可以安心,沒有人會發現你 Your fears are far behind you . . . 你的憂懼可以完全抛去 All we need is freedom, 我們需要自由 A world that's warm and bright 一個溫暖明亮的世界 And you always beside me 而你總在我身邊 To hold me and to hide me . . . 擁抱我,呵護我 Then say you'll share with me 說你將和我分享 One love, one lifetime . . . 一生中唯一的愛情 Let me lead you from your solitude . . . 讓我領你走出孤寂 Say you want me with you here, beside you . . . 說你需要我在你身旁 Anywhere you go,let me go too 無論你往何處去,讓我陪著你 That's all I ask of you . . . 這是我唯一所求 Say you'll share with me 說你將和我分享 One love one ligetime 一生中唯一的愛情 Say the word and I will follow you... 只要你說,我就跟隨著你 Share each day with me, each night, each morning . . . 與我分享每一天,每一個夜晚和早晨 Say you'll feel the way I do 說你心與我同心 Love me that's all I ask of you . . . 愛我,這是我唯一所求 Anywhere you go let me go too . . . 無論你往何處去,讓我陪著你 Love me -that's all I ask of you . . 愛我,這是我唯一所求