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    True to Self 真我告白 專輯封面

    歌名Blowing Smoke 歌手名 Bryson Tiller


    Ayy It's 7AM in the morning, I been up since 3 Fuck it, I'ma keep going Yeah Young Pen Griffey I go to, I go to bat for my niggas The pun was intended, nigga Wow, look how I'm livin', nigga Angels say watch how you spendin', nigga Devil say cop a new Bentley, nigga Might as well, quick as you get it, nigga Made a prediction, nigga Fortune teller, nigga Ayy, I got it, yeah, I get it, nigga You a rappin' contradiction, nigga Hunnid racks on a sticker New whip and I'm in it with her Set it off, this a stick up 'Til I came to shake shit up Shakin' that shit up Then I go put another check in the bank, nigga Got a lot up on my plate, nigga Grandma need a new estate, nigga You a fraud, you a fake, nigga Can't keep up with the pace, nigga Get the fuck up out the race, nigga Yeah, pump your brakes, go slow Pump your brakes, go slow Just like my shawty, she like it slow Yeah, and just like her, I heard it all before Don't let 'em fool you, they blowing smoke Yeah, they blowing smoke, yeah Yeah, I heard it all before Don't let 'em lie to you anymore Hey, don't let 'em lie to you anymore Ayy, don't let 'em fool you, baby Gene Snyder, get shifty, nigga Need a lighter for the spliff, nigga I pull up in a street fighter chain, hit a nigga Now that I got your attention, nigga Keep my name off your lips, nigga Hey, just like her, I don't take you serious, nigga No you can't be serious, nigga You can't be serious, nigga I can't even hear it, nigga Gotta be up on my tier, nigga You ain't nowhere near, nigga Young Tiller don't fear a nigga Ayy, this no joke, no smoke, no mirrors, nigga Know you seen me last year, nigga All at Cleveland Cavaliers, nigga Thoroughbred, I'm a winner D'USSE in my cup, I feel like Jigga Wins got me hittin' liquor (faded) And I got you niggas feelin' bitter (you mad) Bitch, I been a heavy hitter But you barely makin' plays, nigga Fuck it, let me demonstrate, nigga Home runnin', not safe, nigga Guess I got what it takes, nigga Can't keep up with the pace, nigga Get the fuck up out the race, nigga