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    Blame 專輯封面

    歌名Blame 歌手名 Bryson Tiller

    作詞 Bryson Tiller/Joshua Huizar/Teddy Walton/Aaron Booe
    作曲 Bryson Tiller/Joshua Huizar/Teddy Walton/Aaron Booe


    Yeah, ay, yeah, ay Ay, ay, yeah, ay Ay, ay, yeah, ay Yeah Say I didn't love you, you know a nigga loved you Did you forget to mention All the things I did for you, times I made a trip 'Cause I know you hate the distance Baby, it's alright, it's alright Go ahead and take your time But you gotta make your mind Make your mind up, ooh Girl, it's on you to tell me what you wanna do Ay, tell me no, tell me somethin' Tell me, is it someone? Seen you claim him pronto, must know somethin' I don't Can't keep explainin' myself, feels like I'm drainin' myself I guess there's no one to blame but myself Got a big Henny cup, thought drinking would help Been taintin' myself, I'm ashamed of myself I've been praying for myself like you used to Embracin' myself, like you do too I know things is different, your name is different And as strange as it is, I'm okay with this And I can't say it different, never even met him Can't hate the nigga, although I hate the feelin', I gotta Although I hate the feelin', I gotta face the feelin' I gotta feel that shit Bury the feelin', kill that shit The only way to heal that shit, you know They won't hear a nigga talk that shit as trill as this As real as this, I'm feelin' like I still got this I give you more soon, until, that's it


    專輯名 Blame
    歌手名 Bryson Tiller
    發行日 2019-07-26