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    歌名重金屬製的女子 (ICHIGO-ICHIE(深津繪里) / NODA・MAP第17回公演「EGG」劇中音樂) 歌手名 椎名林檎

    作詞 椎名林檎
    作曲 椎名林檎


    作詞:椎名林檎 作曲:椎名林檎 Moonlight in the deep of night silences the truth inside Moist as my lips get tonight they don't move, they don't move Sunlight on the open day takes away all honesty Dry as my eyes get again they don't see, they don't see Nobody says a thing that would mean a thing Reach out your hand and touch my skin I think you'll find that I'm cold No matter what light you shine on me You know I have a poor concept of time Heavy metallic am I, built of natural toxic entities Living things are recognized only after they have died Everything gets simplified when your blood has gone cold Nobody knows anything that could mean a thing Do what you will you won't deceive someone whose mind can't forget No way you can fool this memory See how I yawn and yawn, the time goes by Heavy metallic am I, built of thick, enduring substances I won't break down though you can try I'll just replace my disguise I throw off the shots you send at me See how my words come few and far between Heavy metallic am I, and about to spill out toxicity I don't want to harm anyone, so please kill me