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    歌名 歌手名 張涵雅


    詞:柳永/邵大倫 曲:黃柏勳 來宣佈新的舞步 綴心肝繃繃咧搖 若屈勢走精免歹勢 我是盈暗的女王 來放慢速度 莫閣啼常 免加講 做伙 搖啊搖 溫柔的一步一步 綴咧形影招啊招 這單純的快樂 親像海波浪直直衝對沙埔 來放慢TEMPO 做伙唱規暝 唱甲自然 搖啊搖 搖 自頭到肩胛頭水蛇腰腳底攏燒燒 相招來搖 若想袂開 搖搖搖 這馬免煩惱 若想袂開 搖搖搖 來甲搖咧 莫囉嗦 越搖越快樂 喔~ Yo~ (若想袂開 若想袂開) Behold! Let’s announced our new dance move Shake your body by following your heart beats No need to be sorry if your steps are out of place You’re your own dance queen tonight Let’s take it a little slower and quit gossiping. Just shake it out Yo! Ah Yo! One step at a time gently dance by your lead and call This simple joy is like the waves crash straight into the sand beach Let’s take it a little slower, and sing all night Sing this song until we naturally move to the beats Yo! Ah Yo Shake it out From our heads to our shoulders to our sexy waists Till the bottoms of our feet burn like flames Let’s come and shake it all If you takes thing too hard, Yo!Yo!Yo! Now don’t worry about it. If you takes thing too hard, Yo!Yo!Yo! Just shake it all out. No more words. Shake harder, feel better


    歌手名 張涵雅
    發行日 2017-12-29