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    歌名老實話 歌手名 張涵雅


    詞:阿嘎 曲:柳永/阿嘎 兩个人無閣講 一句話 無冤家 房間內的氣氛恬恬的 無啥貨 交往過去甜蜜的兩人 到底去佗位(tueh) 你敢會看見 啥人是用真情佇交陪 失去過去的美麗 親像花謝隨風飛 初戀感覺 到底欲去佗位揣 對我坦白 付出了一切 從來無怨慼 嘛攏無後悔 牽啥人的手 溫柔來代替 予你的機會 你攏無想過 請對我坦白 付出了一切 咱若是鬥陣 像一場笑詼 對你無反背 對你無欠債 請莫踮遐佇咧花 講老實話 You and me don’t talk to each other and no fight since then. Silent room, no vitality, no nothing. Where had the sweet couple gone? Did you see who it was that loved you whole-heartedly? The loss of the beauty that once surrounded us. Like those withered flowers blowing in the wind Where did the feeling go from when we first fell in love? Tell me the truth: I gave everything to you I never complained. And I have no regrets. Whose tender hand are you replacing mine with? There was a chance for you to come clean, but you never thought that through. Please tell me the truth: I gave you everything And if we stayed together, wouldn’t it be like a joke? I never betrayed you and don’t owe you anything. Why beat around the bush? Just tell me the truth


    歌手名 張涵雅
    發行日 2017-12-29