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    歌名捙拼心頭肉 歌手名 張涵雅


    詞:張涵雅/邵大倫/柳永 曲:Nicole CY/Johnny Wu/蘇通達 肚臍 彼條線 一爿是我 一爿是你 古錐得人疼 想當初的兩條線 緊張甲 喙笑目笑甲 像花咧芳 (華)育嬰書 疊如山 (如山) 三個月無風聲 (激恬恬) 阿母甲阮翁閣較 (華)誇張 攢一堆足酸的物件佇阮 (華)冰箱 腹肚 愈來 愈大 腰酸背痛 愈來愈知影 你是 有形有影 葉酸 補品食落 吐甲會驚 礙謔的衫 你請我莫閣講啊 但是我 足感謝 因為是你 攏有價值 求平安 來轉大人 生日 快樂 我捙拚心頭肉 (啦啦啦啦~~~~ Oh you're my baby) 少年時啥物 攏毋驚 三更半暝電影 閣紲攤 變做媽媽了後 寫的紙 格仔一格一格 照規矩來行 煮飯洗衫 換尿苴仔 較早看阿母 逐工睏無飽 伊踏過 的跤跡 我這馬 嘛綴起哩 為著晟養阮的寶貝心肝仔囝 行過序大的路才會了解有孝 (有孝) 大漢了後欲逐項做甲到 (甲到) 但是有一件代誌你莫走 家己 囡仔 家己 顧予 牢 這是我 踅踅唸 產後心聲 愛你的歌 愛你健康 愛你勇健 因為 你是 我 捙拚心頭肉 (啦啦啦啦~~~~Oh you're my baby) The string on my belly button, one side was me and one side was you, my beloved cutie. Reminiscing the two lines I saw, I was so excited and smiled like a flower in bloom. The nursery books piled as high as mountains. And strictly kepts quiet for the first three months. But my husband was crazier than I was He bought too much sour food and stuffed in our refrigerator Day by day, my belly got bigger and bigger I felt more and more of your presence Threw up all the time and smelled like folic acid tablets and all kind of nutritional products. Awkward clothes...bla bla bla. You asked me to stop murmuring But I am really grateful because of you, every suffering I had was worth it. I pray for you to grow up happily. Happy birthday! My beloved piece of my heart. lalala~~~ When I was young, I was fearless I was up for midnight movies and late night parties Until I became your mom, my life changed completely I now follow the rules and have a regular schedule. Cook your meal, do your laundry, change your diaper...etc. I saw myself walking on the exact same footprints my mom once left. And she seemed tired everyday. We do that both for raising our beloved baby. We all walk to the grownup path, and then we start to realize what’s filial devotion. But you have no need to do all perfectly There’s just one thing that you shouldn’t run away from. That is, your kid, your responsibility. This is mom’s murmur. The love song for you, after you’re born. Hope you stay healthy and strong. No matter what, you will always be my beloved piece of my heart. lalala~~~(Oh you're my baby)


    歌手名 張涵雅
    發行日 2017-12-29