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    PTX 專輯封面

    歌名Standing By 歌手名 Pentatonix

    作詞 Pentatonix
    作曲 Pentatonix


    I counted the stars tonight, Oh how they shine so bright, I gather them all, so we perfectly align While we gaze from far away And separately watch the day Come rising across the horizon in our minds But now I know, My heart is strong, Where you belong Is by my side So will you hold, 'cause time is cold, But in your soul I'm standing by Ohohohohohoh ohohohohohoh I have waited a thousand years, And now that tomorrow's here, I will shout from the mountain top Our hearts belong near And we've traveled land and sea, Our beacon the love we keep, But when we unite, This will all have been our dream And now we know, Our hearts are strong, Where we belong Is side by side And so we'll hold Each other close, And in our souls We're standing by Ohohohohohoh ohohohohohoh Ohohohohoh ohohohohoh Ohohohohohoh ohohohohoh Ohohoh ohohohohohohoh ohohohohohohoh ohohoh And so we'll hold Each other close And then we'll know We're standing by


    專輯名 PTX
    歌手名 Pentatonix
    發行日 2014-09-19