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    歌名Together 歌手名 妮可醬 NekoJam


    I work and talk, morning ‘til late But nothing that I have cared Follow all the said legends So I ask, when’s the end? Today I made a decision To chase all my imagination Not minding regulations When you gave me, a vision You have that smile on face I’m led to the secret place We’re running like a race And our love is not a waste Oh eyes together I don’t just want somebody I see the chance with you Eyes together The way you’re looking at me Puts the world at our feet Listen up, we’re different But that’s ok Listen up, there’re memories But that’s ok Eyes together So be the living dreamers Come on, let us dance! We shout, and feel alive Together, we feel


    專輯名 NKJ_1
    發行日 2019-09-18