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    NKJ_1 專輯封面

    歌名Out & Loud 歌手名 妮可醬 NekoJam


    I know I know I know you have somewhere to go (wo~) I know I know I know you’ll have no time to waste on me now if I don’t speak out when you say, hey girl, I’m your man, I’m your man don’t you care hey girl, I’ll be here, I’ll be here so stay strong hey boy, can you stay, can you stay I’ve heard all the things from other failures we’re living for a reason we won’t get it ‘til we listen let your guard down right here you’ll know, you’ll know when all the lights are out when all the dreams are out (wo~) let us break it out out out out out because our hearts are loud loud loud we’re out and loud


    專輯名 NKJ_1
    發行日 2019-09-18