Beauty In The Benz

Beauty In The Benz

Tory Lanez

Chixtape 5






I Told You




Daystar Peterson/Daniel Gonzalez/Calvin Broadus/Chad Hugo/Pharrell Williams


Daystar Peterson/Daniel Gonzalez/Calvin Broadus/Chad Hugo/Pharrell Williams

Oh-oh-oh, oh Then thank you Yeah, yeah, yeah Just thank you, beauti— Then thank you (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Just thank you Keep it real, they say I'm comin' in it from the jump You're so beautiful I kiss it in from the front Take you everywhere with me 'cause I love to stunt Money everywhere, baby, 'cause you love to stunt Hit the strip club with me, make 10 G's But we runnin' up the bank 'til it empties Got a temper 'cause she bad, don't tempt me Shawty, I'm a different man off the Hennessy Tryna hit it so good you remember me Pussy good like (Just thank you, yeah, yeah, yeah) Fuckin' your body, I let it go down I make it ring like The Neptunes' song She hold it down like a stunner, you done cleaned that She hold it down every summer, it's a lean back The way you givin' me love, you never keep that You never give me enough, knowin' I need that We gon' fuck up the sheets, send them to the cleaners We might smoke weed on the way, catch a misdemeanor I'm a young nigga that wanna get with you and beat it My ex hate when I'm with you, it's gettin' her heated 'Cause you're so beautiful Oh, oh, oh, oh I said, you're beautiful Oh, oh, oh What can I say to you that you ain't never heard? I'm breakin' it down, shawty, I'm talkin' 'bout erry word I'm certified, splizzurd Slick like a iceberg (What?) Cold with the wizards and lit like my izzurd (Ah) Of course, that all matters if you with it or not 'Cause if you don't, you won't But if you get it, you got it Ain't nothin' wrong with this, now peep it out And if it's too hard to go again, then leave it out See, I'ma tell you what I see 'cause what I see is all I know I'll wrap you up with a bow, lay you out on a cloak And let Tory tell the story 'cause you know how it go Then hit the switch in my blue '64, mmm-mmm Beautiful Oh, oh, oh, oh Said you're beautiful Oh, oh You know how to let me know if I done enough Touch down in it, put them numbers up You wanna leave 'cause he don't make you cum enough Well, guess what, I'm the next runner up Big bank, baby, and I spend it all on you Fuck it up in here, that's what we ought to do Have a lot of options, I could call 'em through I switch her option like an audible Bentley Bentayga, girl, you get sprayed But they be pocket watchin' the money you get paid I wanna fly you to the sand in Jamaica You damaged your make up, still managed to make it, yeah Humble as ever but stumble the cheddar, yeah You grind with me, we gon' come up together, yeah Pretty days, we go stuntin' together 'Cause the Rolls Royce I drive, it come with umbrellas I don't talk no shit 'cause I just back that shit up I'ma flip lil' shawty like a spatula I'ma sink my teeth in it, deep, Dracula Pretty Rick when I hit, had it spectacular Beautiful Oh, oh, oh, oh Said you're beautiful Oh, oh, oh Yeah Something about you There's something about you (Then thank you) That's special (Then thank you) Beauti— There's something about you (Then thank you) (Then thank you) Beauti—
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