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    NANA I 專輯封面

    歌名Tell Me You Do Too 歌手名 歐陽娜娜

    作詞 歐陽娜娜/Trevor Dering
    作曲 歐陽娜娜/Trevor Dering


    Your eyes in the moonlight One kiss with a goodnight Is how I want to end everyday New love with a Sunrise Hold hands at a stop light It's green but do you mind if we wait I feel like time Passing me by Nothing around us can take this away Paris at night With cars flying by— Don't have to talk to know that It's okay Cause you, pull me closer tell me you do too Listen to your stories 'bout the MOON There's all these things that I still wanna do Tell me you do too Blue jeans with your T-shirt One smile and three words Is how I want to start everyday Two Fries at the Five guys Ice cream in the Sunshine Melting in to nothing with you.


    專輯名 NANA I
    歌手名 歐陽娜娜
    發行日 2020-06-09