Nasty (feat. 21 Savage & Young Nudy)

Nasty (feat. 21 Savage & Young Nudy)

Gucci Mane



Street Ni66a Christmas

Street Ni66a Christmas

So Icy Christmas




Radric Davis/Edward Maclin Cooper III/She’yaa Bin Abraham Joseph/Quantavious Tavario Thomas


Radric Davis/Edward Maclin Cooper III/She’yaa Bin Abraham Joseph/Quantavious Tavario Thomas

I got your bitch doin' lines that's geometry Yeah I'm trickin' off I call it trickenometry Got on versace yeah you know that giovanni shit I don't bring all my money out I just bring some of it I got my top cut off on that summer shit I'm sittin' courtside this is where big money sit Married a skinny bitch but trickin' with a thick bitch She got some big hips I call that boy a hypocrite She got some big lips well good I got a big dick Drink a pint like vitamin water but bitch this is not 50 cent I got a million dollar call I call that politics Got no debriefin' my name ranked through all the colleges Two shows one day LA Seattle were Geography She suckin' dick on my iphone 6 that's pornography I'm antisocial made an F in sociology Excuse my modesty but girl suck my biology ('s GUCCI!) Damn I like that tattoo on your ass girl you nasty Need to smash I can't bring you 'round my friends you too nasty A flirt, she'll spit, she can squirt, cause she nasty She dat action she keep you comin' back cause she nasty Fuck her pussy fuck her mouth fuck her ass cause she nasty Whatchu want you don't even have to ask cause she nasty Smash smash smash smash smash she She nasty, she nasty, she nasty, she nasty And my bad cause I'm physically attracted to nasty She a nat, not a natural she nasty but trashy Her ass is impossible Head is unstoppable Four bitches it's an orgy I done turned to a photographer Videographer, choreographer The only problem is that it's only five of us If you bring 8 bad bitches back like you was me that's 9 of us Yo baby moms a freak she suck the squad yeah it's a lot of us So much molly she can geek up like she want, she get nasty It's funny how the money make her suck it with a passion If I tell you lick your bestfriend ass is it nasty? I'm just sayin' I'm just askin' she laughin' that's nasty
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