Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Mac Miller



Yea, bumpadum bum Yea, yea, okay There's a birthday party happening upstairs And it's all for me, who the fuck cares? They don't notice if I never go and show my face They just looking for a reason they can celebrate I hate to waste the vanilla cake that they made for me I'll tell the same stories, they'll pretend they never heard them I'll just lay down here inside the studio Doing blow and paraphrasing The Crucible (witch!) If you fucking with the God, that's a funeral Blue jeans, (?) 'em, with ya longer than your student loans Who got the ecstasy pills? I need a funeral I'm a real drug addict, homie, you should know Somebody please tell Jimmy to put the pistol down He's serious this time, he's gonna kill me now He'll regret it when I hit the ground For now, everybody gather 'round It's happy birthday! It's a birthday party! Happy birthday! It's your birthday party! Yea, happy birthday! It's your birthday party! Happy birthday, happy birthday! Happy birthday, (thanks), how the fuck you feel? Good! Do you ever sit and wonder what is real? Do you ever reach to touch her but there's nothing there? Do you tell her that you love her but she doesn't care? Does she tell you that you hurt her and you're unaware? (No!) Did you hear about a Heaven now you running there? Do you think about the fantasy and make-believe? Do you cover up your eyes, you can't wait to see? Lately, I've been having strange dreams Paranoid they hate me, everybody think I'm crazy Baby can you take me somewhere where the sky blue? You can lead the way, I promise I'll be right there behind you I do See myself as iconic Getting high my downfall it's kinda ironic Like a condom they on it Got 'em in my pocket No time to worry, hurry up and light the candles Everybody Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you, to you


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