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    Year of Fate 專輯封面

    歌名愛的萬物論 歌手名 傻子與白痴


    To those who have loved me Can't say I was there as a whole for 24 But I do exist In dialogues Small or big parts of you Should I give you my heart and soul as promises Tried my best to let you know, please understand I’m not trying to avoid I need more time to think it through Maybe a lifetime If you don't hear from me again All lifelong replies, pardon me If you cannot wait for this All the words that’s on my mind Give my heart and soul as promises I’ve said yes but why Thanks for keeping me alive Thanks for gently keeping me alive Can it only be you, and do you Would you care at all Even though they make us feel small I will spend a lifetime to find Best spend a lifetime with you to find The reason why we should hold on to life


    專輯名 Year of Fate
    歌手名 傻子與白痴
    發行日 2021-10-28