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    Own Brand Freestyle 專輯封面

    歌名Own Brand Freestyle 歌手名 FelixThe1st



    作詞:   作曲: Little niggas really wan' at me (At me) Lockdown, still doin' up Cali (Cali) Gingerbread man, can't catch me (No) Flexed up like they really move pally (Pally) I don't want ish, just at me (At me) I just want money, that's calm (Calm) Teenage, never worry 'bout acne Like, I ain't ever been with a baddie (With a baddie) She calm, so I add her to the tally Madison, but I'm calling her Maddie (Yeah) Like, Mads, try send me the addy Buss a right, then a left at the alley (The alley) Like, Drey, you don't look too shabby (You don't look too–) Geordie ting come from The Valleys (Valleys) Like, I just wanna play with that fanny (Gimme that, gimme that) Lil' miss, I really wan' play with that pussy Baby, she give me the wet (Wet) I make that pussy squirt I tell her, "Felix go first" (Wait) She wanna tell me she love me I tell her "I'm cool" so I tell her to skrrt (Yeah) My little bitch do the dirt (Nah) She don't wan' hate me, she lurk (Nah, nah, nah) Like Dreya too forward, Dreya too bait Dreya too nuff (Like, Dreya too nuff) Keep on assuming, I don't correct I call your bluff (Like, I call your bluff) Gyal think they're nice, hmm, nah You ain't buff (Like, you ain't buff) You're lookin' rough (Like, you're lookin' rough) So just give me the stuff (Like, give me the stuff) Ayy, she moving forward, she ain't important Gimme the love (Like, gimme the love) Like, bitch, I want clarting and something you got for me Baby, what's up? (Like, baby, what's up?) I want the pussy, baby, let me come and just fuck it up (Just fuck it up) She don't know what I'm about Let me give you a head start (Let me just give you this start) Dreya the best (Dreya the best) Say it with chest (Uh, uh, uh, uh) Grabbin' her breast (Ooh, yeah) Let me caress (Like, let me caress) She ain't under duress (No) No, she ain't feeling no stress (Nah, nah, nah, nah) I'm like, "Come here, baby, sit on my lap Run your hands through my dreads" Bitch, ah I blow smoke, chim-chimney (Smoke) Bad bitch, she not feelin' me Fuck sake Felix, come like frenemy (Woo) Like Oliver Twist, she begging for more Like, sis, just pour the Hennessy (Yeah) Get set, fuck the ready, we steady, B (Ah, ah) She taste special, Miss, what's the recipe? (Ah, ah) I give her like four, give me ten of each (Mwah) Shit, she want the best of me Flip her over in bed 'til she rest in peace Beat up the pussy and pray that she rest in peace (Bitch) She sniffing that Disney shit (Nah) She call it that Good Luck Charlie (Good Luck Charlie) All these bitches wanna party (All wanna party) They on me, they all on my body (All on my body) She rock, she popping the molly (Bitch) She don't wanna fuck with my squady (Nah, nah) She wanna love on me only (Yeah) She don't wanna love on nobody (Love on nobody)


    專輯名 Own Brand Freestyle
    歌手名 FelixThe1st
    發行日 2021-10-29