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    Just Whitney 專輯封面

    歌名Love That Man 歌手名 Whitney Houston

    作詞 Rob Fusari、Eritza Laues、Balewa Muhammad、Calvin Gaines、Bill Lee、Babyface
    作曲 Babyface、Calvin Gaines、Balewa Muhammad、Rob Fusari、Bill Lee、Eritza Laues


    Ah, ah, ah Things just ain't the way that they used to be Back in the day when a man meant security After working hard all week Baby kick back and throw up your feet let me fix you a little treat Say it might be little bit sweet... yeah But he's worth it He deserves it He may not be perfect He's all the man I need He's ready and willing Gives me the feeling, ah And whenever we're together I know where will I belong chorus: It's just the way he looks into your eyes It's the love he gives that makes you fantasize It's the time he takes to show you that he cares And he's always there (He's always always there) Don't you love that man (I know) Things ain't the way they used to be When a woman and a man work hard to be Happy in love and staying together ooh (Let's stay that way forever) Never give in to a fight Just trying work it out Never give up on him That's not what love's about Stay true to your feelings And remember All the things he's done for you Repeat Chorus You'd better know I'm talking about that old-school love That everlasting feeling can't never be too much Somebody loves you heart and soul Hold on, don't stop And never let it go Repeat Chorus


    專輯名 Just Whitney
    歌手名 Whitney Houston
    發行日 2010-02-10