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    The Preacher's Wife 專輯封面

    歌名My Heart Is Calling 歌手名 Whitney Houston

    作詞 Babyface
    作曲 Babyface


    Who would've thought of it That I might feel like this Some kind of wonderful There's nothing quite comparable The thing about it is It's oh so innocent I wasn't looking for It came knockin' at my door I'm trying to do things right But I'm about to lose this fight 'Cause spending time with you Well, it feels so good and that's the truth And every day with you I swear it brings me closer to my only reservationis you My sweet temptation, baby. Oh, my heart is calling I'm falling for you Oh, my heart is calling I'm falling for you Who could imagine it I found my happiness In someone I barely know And I like to take it slow But you're so diferent, boy You're breaking all my rules What is it in your smile that makes me feel the way I do I'm trying to live my life And I'm trying to live it right If I desire you It ain't because I'm trying to Boy, everyday with you I swear it brings me closer to My only reservation is you, My sweet temptation, baby I've given it consideration (uh huh) And it all adds up to you I won't deny this heart is calling for you, baby I've given it alot of thought (uh huh) And it all ends up on you My sweet temptation God knows I'm falling for you Is is in your smile, boy Is it touch, baby I don't know why ...


    專輯名 The Preacher's Wife
    歌手名 Whitney Houston
    發行日 2009-08-10