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    The Preacher's Wife 專輯封面

    歌名Who Would Imagine A King - (From 'The Preacher's Wife') 歌手名 Whitney Houston

    作詞 Mervyn Warren、Hallerin Hilton Hill
    作曲 Mervyn Warren、Hallerin Hilton Hill


    Mommies and daddys always believe That their little angels are special indeed And you could grow up to be anything But who would imagine a king A shepherd or teacher is what you could be Or maybe a fisherman out on the sea Or maybe a carpenter building things But who would imagine a king It was so clear when the wise men arrived And the angels were singing your name That the world would be different cuz you were alive That's what heaven stood to proclaim One day an angel said quietly That soon he would bring something special to me And of all those wonderful gifts he bring Who would imagine, who could imagine Who would imagine a king Mmm hmm Mommy