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    I'm Your Baby Tonight 專輯封面

    歌名Lover For Life 歌手名 Whitney Houston

    作詞 Sam Dees
    作曲 Sam Dees


    I hope that you realize baby, just what you mean to me Hey you where I run for cover, your loving shelter for me And when I find myself needing some lifting up One night with you and that always is enough Hey you make being in love, a true rare affair So take me I'm your prisoner Chorus: Will you sentence me to be your lover for life Your lover for life Will you sentence me, I want to be you lover for life Your lover for life I just want to hear you say You'll be my lover, lover for life Capture, there's no getaway You're my lover, my lover for life Under your spell or under my own power It really doesn't matter to me See I fell in love the first time I saw you And have been falling in love ever since You heard my testimony, you've seen my evidence Hey, it's a crime of passion, in every sense And justice won't be served, till you stay here in my world Take me I'm your prisoner chorus