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    Daydream 專輯封面

    歌名Looking In 歌手名 Mariah Carey



    專輯:The Collection 歌曲:Looking In 作詞:Mariah Carey、W.Afanasieff、M. Carey、W. Afanasieff 作曲:W.Afanasieff、W. Afanasieff、Mariah Carey、M. Carey You look at me and see the girl Who lives inside the golden world But don't believe Thats all there is to see You'll never know the real me She smiles through a thousand tears And harbors adolescent fears She dreams of all That she can never be She wades in insecurity And hides herself inside of me Don't say she takes it all for granted I'm well aware of all I have Don't think that I am disenchanted Please understand It seems as though I've always been Somebody outside looking in Well here I am For all of them to bleed But they can't take my heart from me And they can't bring me to my knees They'll never know the real me


    專輯名 Daydream
    歌手名 Mariah Carey
    發行日 1995-10-03