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    Greatest Hits 專輯封面

    歌名Made You Look 歌手名 Nas


    NaS: Now let's get it all in perspective, For all y'all enjoyin a song y'all could step-wit, Y'all appointed me to bring rap justice, But I ain't 5-0, y'all know it's NaS, yo, Great goose, and a whole lot of hydro, Only describe us as soldiers survivors, Stay laced, and the best, well-dressed, With finese, in the white-T, lookin for wifeys, Thug girl who fly and talks so nicely, Put her in the coop, so she can feel the nice breeze, We can drive thru the city no doubt, but don't say my car's topless, Say the titties is out, Newness here's the anthem, put your hand up that you shoot wit, Count ya' loot wit, Push the pool-stick & ya new cribs, Same hand that you hoop wit, Swing around like you stupid, King of the town, yea, I been that, You know I click-clack, Where you and ya mens at?, Do the smurf, do the whop baseball bat, Roof-top, like we bringin '88 back, (Hook x2) (Gun-shot) They shootin! Aww made you look, You a slave, to a page, in my rhyme book, Gettin' big money, playboy ya times up, Where dem gangstas at? Where dem dimes at? This ain't rappin, this is street-hopper, Now get up off your ass, like your seats hotter, My live niggaz lit up the reefa, Trunk in the car, we got the street-sweeper, Don't start none, won't be none, no reason for your man's to panic, You don't wanna see no ambulance, Knock a pimp strait down in his pimp cup, Thats the way you get Timbalanded up, Let the music defuse all attention, Baller conventions, free admission, Hustlas, dealers, and killas can move swift, Girls get close you can feel where the tunes kept, Aww ma I'm jus comin home from all these parollies, Get money, leave the beef alone slowly, Get out my face you people so phoney, Pull out my waist, the Eagle 4.40, (Hook x2) (Bridge) (Crowd yells "Hey NaS") I see niggaz runnin, Yo my mood is real rude, I lay you out, show I still do, Mobsters don't box my punch shots or blodges, Every invitation to fight your punk asses, Like Pun said "You ain't even in me classas" Made batch, Benz back-seat TV plasma, Ladies lookin for athletes, or rappers, Whatever you choose, whatever you do, Make sure he a thug and intelligent to, Like a real thorough bread is, Show me love, lemme feel how the head is, Females who's the sexiest, Is always the nastiest, (Beat stops) And I like a little sassyness, A lotta' class, Mami reach in ya bag, Pass the fifth, I'ma leader it at last, This a Don you wit, My nines is spit, Niggaz lose concsiousness...


    專輯名 Greatest Hits
    歌手名 Nas
    發行日 2007-11-06