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    圍庄 專輯封面

    歌名拜請保生大帝 歌手名 生祥樂隊


    (客語): --獻予後勁李玉坤先生〈1960-2015〉 搭棚西門外,圍廠論隻月 庄內無人閒,新聞報激烈 大暑轉立秋,志願輪三梯 天公試我庄,颱風去又來 警察纏烏蠅,夜鬼謄便衣 黑道發酒癲,包商唆是非 蒼茫籲心聲,前途好抑壞 神農有應公,企筊連六擺 拜請--拜請-- 拜請保生恩主公,真人下凡保萬民 公德醫世行正法,移山倒海應不平 今有中油煉油廠,汚天染地四十冬 日本走後國民黨,擴增石化顧人怨 四廟聯合一整體,基金支應貳百萬 本庄後輩做前鋒,大專青年義救難 奈何政府强壓迫,異象連連庄人驚 拜請老祖賜聖筊,全庄共志反五輕 (華語) --獻給後勁李玉坤先生〈1960-2015〉 搭棚西門外,圍廠數個月 庄內無人閒,新聞報激烈 大暑轉立秋,志願輪三梯 天公試我庄,颱風去又來 警察纏蒼蠅,夜鬼隨便衣 黑道發酒癲,包商唆是非 蒼茫籲心聲,前途好或壞 神農有應公,立筊連六擲 拜請--拜請-- 拜請保生恩主公,真人下凡保萬民 公德醫世行正法,移山倒海應不平 今有中油煉油廠,汚天染地四十年 日本走後國民黨,擴增石化招人怨 (English): Outside the west gate we put up our tents Surrounding the factory for months No one in the village had any rest The coverage in the news was intense When the height of summer turned to fall The volunteers took turns in three shifts The Lord of Heaven put our village to the test Typhoons came time and again The police buzzed around like flies by day Spies in plainclothes trailed us like ghosts in the night Gangsters passed around the bottle to turn things upside down Contractors spread rumors confounding wrong and right In the darkness and confusion we called out a question Are we going in the right or in the wrong direction? The Guardian answered the temples’ plea Six times in a row the tally stood on end; the plant would not stand! Calling — Calling — Calling on our kind Guardian of Good Health Calling on his highness to come down to our mortal world and protect the folk For the common good and the world’s healing, do the just thing Move mountains and upend the seas and reverse the wrongs we’re suffering Here Sinopac has built its refinery For forty years polluting the sky and polluting the sea After the Japanese left, came the KMT Expanding petrochemical plants and creating more misery The Four Temples have come together as one Building a foundation on a donation of two million The young people in the village are the advance guard College students pitch in when times are hard No matter that the government comes down so heavy That all the omens for the future of the village are so scary We’re calling on the Guardian to bestow his spirit tally And with it, against the Fifth Cracking Plant we will rally


    專輯名 圍庄
    歌手名 生祥樂隊
    發行日 2016-06-22