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    歌名像作過的夢 歌手名 張涵雅


    詞:柳永/邵大倫 曲:Boss 徛佇門跤口 親像過去的形影 聽著吉他聲 敢若做過的夢 隨你風中飛 想欲 換心交陪 寫咱心晟 留落著咱跤跡 我是彼个恬恬倚佇你的身邊的人 跟前綴後 陪你做伙眠夢 如今只賰思念 只有夢中通靠岸 啥人知影 心肝會疼 為啥愛是互相拖磨 為啥離開了後會寒 像昨暝的夢 予拍散 劇本賰我來搬 按呢我情願繼續作夢(永遠夢) Wander in front of the entrance like a shadow from the past Listening to the guitar like the dream I had Flying with you in the wind. Attempting to exchange our truest hearts Put our mind in words, and leave behind the footprints. I am the one who had been by your side Followed your lead and shared your dream Till now, only I still miss you so. Only in the dream could I reach you like a boat returning to shore Who would know how much the heart aches? Why is love full of entanglements? Why do I feel cold after we part? Like déjà vu where in my dream I was the only left to act out the rest of the play So I would rather continue dreaming (forever dreaming)


    歌手名 張涵雅
    發行日 2017-12-29