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    歌名幸福一陣風 歌手名 張涵雅


    詞:Boss 曲:黃柏勳 若是彼一日無機會 聽甲己的心情 我袂拄著你 予世界(華)更大的羅曼蒂 有你著親像拍開了查某人的秘密 像三月的春天 有遐邇仔甜蜜 過去著有人問過我甘有需要愛情 著親像有刺的花蕊遐邇仔無良心 別人毋知你毋識你 我其實無要緊 人生是阮的路 一世人的約定 幸福是一陣風 風迵過咱的路 也有你一人對我惜命命 對透早到深夜 全部是你的影 幸福是一陣風 愛吹起幾粒沙 你予我目眶一直紅啊紅 心肝頭望啊望 疼惜阮一世人 風吹袂煞 風吹袂煞 If there wasn’t an opportunity to listen to my own heart I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to meet you, thus encountering the larger than life romance Having you feels like I opened Pandora’s box Like the spring in March, surrounded by so much sweetness I have been asked if I needed love A man without true intentions is like a flower covered in thorns Though no one knows who you are, it is all right by me Our love is between you and me only, a promise for a lifetime It's the wind of love It blows through our path I have you to cherish me for life Day and night I am all for you The wind of love blew the sand up in the air You moved me, made my eyes red I look up deep in my heart Please cherish me for life my love The wind of love never stop, and it never ever will stop


    歌手名 張涵雅
    發行日 2017-12-29