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    歌名滿滿 歌手名 張涵雅


    詞:邵大倫/張涵雅/吳國寶 曲:蕭煌奇 我來獻唱一首歌 希望你會當知影 暗路中 有啥人通依倚 茫茫渺渺 揣袂著岸 吹來一陣風飛沙 無情戲弄 阮無光線的生活 我來獻唱這首歌 希望你會當來聽 免驚惶 阮用歌陪你行 溫暖的心分擔你的憂愁 陪你揣著人生的希望 請你毋通來放手 換做一場空 這个世界有春夏秋冬 美麗的花欉會閣再紅 人生的路 咱乘風破浪 耐心等待成功回航 這个世界有美夢 用咱的雙手來拚輸贏 總有一工咱的家 咱的向望 幸福滿滿 I come to sing a song for you I hope you will understand Who is the one you can rely on when you are walking down dark paths? A gust of dusty wind blurred our visions kept us out at sea Even we have been brutally played by a life without light I come to sing this song for you I hope you will listen Do not be afraid, I will accompany you with my voice I will carry your sadness away with my warm heart I will be with you until you find the hope in life Please do not let go of yourself, leaving our hard work in vain. There are spring summer autumn and winter The flowers will always bloom again Let us ride the wind and waves of our life, Be patient and wait for a successful return. We have dreams to accomplish with our hands in this world One day our home Our vision is going to be fulfilled


    歌手名 張涵雅
    發行日 2017-12-29