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    歌名做伙幸福 歌手名 張涵雅


    詞:林志立/邱廉欽 曲:邱廉欽 海風吹來美麗的歌聲 海湧嘛鬥陣來做伴 你一聲我一聲 有風吹來做舞伴 月娘佮我相招佇廟埕 天星欲帶咱去古城 你一聲我一聲 咱永遠黏相倚 我綴你跤步 你共我守護 帶阮行幸福的路 相信咱的夢有結果 做伙來幸福啦 予咱來平安幸福啦 有你的雙手牽成 做伙認真平安幸福啦 囡仔唱來美麗的歌聲 厝邊嘛鬥陣做伴 你一聲我一聲 有田嬰來做舞伴 愛人仔 佮我相招佇廟埕 手牽手欲帶我去古城 你一聲 我一聲 咱永遠黏相倚 嗚~~~~我佮你自由飛來飛去 有時陣失望 嘛有時受傷 我就佇你的身邊予你希望 只要你勇敢堅強喔喔 The wind by the ocean brought us beautiful voices The waves also came to keep us company You call, I respond, the kites accompany us as our dance partner. I have a date with the moon at the temple. The star tried to get us to the old castle. You call, I respond and we will always be at each other’s side. I follow you. You guard me. Take us toward the path of happiness. And believe that our dream will come true. Let’s be happily ever after Let’s be happily ever after With your hands helping,we are seriously happy in peace Hear the beautiful voices from the kids And the neighbors are coming together for your company You call, I respond and the dragonfly is dancing along for you. My lover and I have a date at the temple We held each other’s hand to the old castle You call, I respond and we will always be at each other’s side. Oh~I am flying freely with you There’ll be time we’re down and hurt Yet I am right by your side to give you hope Hope you can be brave and strong


    歌手名 張涵雅
    發行日 2017-12-29