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    歌名風吹的孤單 (柔情版) 歌手名 張涵雅


    詞:柳永/邵大倫/邱比順 Rap詞:柳永 曲:水颯/六夜 風吹無線 阮猶原揣無岸 目睭恬恬流汗 毋承認的孤單 輕鬆放送 無滋味的情歌 停止感動阮心肝 看破你的虛華 阮走揣著生活 由在你進退的形影 由在我傷心的戲弄 我有氣無力 莫閣想過去的戇 偌坎坷的路途 我早著假做堅強 痛苦變做是理想 跋倒若會當繼續 爬起了後家己疼惜 咧等待 無結局 有氣無力嘛倔強~ Rap 大聲喝 望呀望呀望 到底愛 為著啥? 著算無人聽 敢準拄煞? 毋管路偌歹行 人冷眼 棄嫌看 目屎 款款仔予焦 鹽花仔 配飯食 望呀望 啥知影 疼惜家己性命 頭殼 留佇遮 天公嘛 無你法! A string less kite, I am a ship lost at sea with no shore in sight My eyes are sweating silently The loneliness we don't admit feeling. Let the tasteless song play by itself Stop feeling anything for I saw through your vanity We had tried so hard to have a life Despite your coming and going Despite my broken heart I have but one breath left in me Disregard of the past naiveté, and the bumpy ride we had I faked being strong, turned pain into ideals If I can pull myself up after falling then I can get out and love myself again Even the wait won’t do. I still have no strength but one breath to lose. Rap Shout it out Look up and up, what is that all about? Do we give it all up, just because no one gives a damn? No matter how difficult it is to go on, how apathetic people are, Wipe up your tears and crystallize it into your daily salt. Look up and up, who understand to cherish themselves? If you left your life behind, there is nothing god can do for you.


    歌手名 張涵雅
    發行日 2017-12-29