Walking in Taipei

Walking in Taipei


作詞 Musa明馬丁

作曲 Musa明馬丁



I was walking in Taipei Suddenly started to rain What else is there to say Bad luck is my middle name Inside a seven all wet My landlord calls me to say the house now he wants to sell Bad luck is my middle name I got to the office late A job that I’ve always hated My boss is looking at me Bad luck is my middle name He starts to get in my face My heart is starting to race That’s it enough of this Sh… My luck is about to change They think because I don’t talk That I cannot get pissed off As he is about to see Nobody knows me but me Everything’s starting to fly Looks like I’m out of my mind But everyone feels the same Our life is a living hell Now down on the M.R.T Broken people is all I see Trying to forget the pain A phone or a pill is the same But we are rising you see This is not just about me I know we all feel it too bad luck is coming for you Now I’m walking in Taitung So happy I quit my job The sun is up in the sky It’s shining and I feel high I hope we all understand Our lives don’t make any sense If you still walk in Taipei There’s nothing left I can say I was walking in Taipei Bye Bye Good Luck I feel everyday



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