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    WHO'S NEXT? 專輯封面

    歌名WHO'S NEXT? 歌手名 ØZI



    來自未來之都的聲音 Can you hear that? This city’s calling me 換上最時髦的OOTD 這裡沒dress code 做自己 Baby turn to your best side 看攝影機 這城市在改變 Yeah can you see it? 下個話題 就在台北市裡 The next big thing shawty best believe it Yeah we run the streets 從萬華到信義 兄弟拿出你的態度 西裝球鞋穿出風度 誰的混搭技術才是最酷 They be askin me Cuz they be wondering Who’s Next? 誰將帶領未來之都 Who’s Next? 誰是下期Vogue封面人物 Who’s Next? 誰來一起卸下包袱 加入我們陣線 跨入新的世界 Who’s Next? 對所有守舊觀念說不 Who’s Next? 潮流文化你我作主 Who’s Next? We the future, baby Who’s Next? Who’s Next? You got it, you got it You got it, you got it 穿著設計師show piece got you feeling bad and boujee 潮模披上Designers 像Kylie 聽節奏跳起舞 Chris Breezy Girls be looking saucy 聚在一起 shot杯舉起 像是bachelor party 穿上最新的Gucci 閃光燈下的香堤 大道瞬間成了你 的伸展台, cmon show me They be like… Who’s next 誰會是The Next? They be asking... Dripped up like the Taipei kids We run it we the Taipei kids I swag different, I brag different, Man don’t front This is D1 Don’t ask questions that’s just how it be Shorty catwalking down the streets We out here, Taipei Fashion Week Yeah, FNO, coolest members only, One time for them flyest looking VIP’s! I be rocky, Fashion killing ØZI, Fashion killing Illest fit, we out and about See them baddies got em dresses on You already know It’s Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out. F.N.O. It’s the Fashion’s Night Out


    專輯名 WHO'S NEXT?
    歌手名 ØZI
    發行日 2019-09-27