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    0.03 ØZI

    2021-02-14 華語/流行音樂
    情慾R&B再度來襲 0.03這個數字代表我跟你僅有的距離 歌曲中ØZI展現赤裸露骨的創作才能 將性愛中的挑逗情話譜成浪漫的詞句 "We dont gotta go to paris baby we could stay here feeling me speaking french in between your legs" “0.03” is the 4th track on ØZI’s upcoming sophomore album “PEDESTAL”. The very explicit lyrics to the song details the sexual fantasies of the singer, narrating his plans for this girl at the end of a night out. After his songs like “Missionary” and “Bad Intention”, ØZI continues to push his boundaries and brings the sensual side of his artistry up a notch. The song not only showcases ØZI’s abilities as a R&B singer-songwriter, but also his skills in music production, for this is one of the eight songs that he self-produced in the album. 看更多


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