If Only…

If Only… ØZI

2019-07-12 華語/節奏藍調/流行音樂/獨立/實驗
遺憾故事的起點是一句來不及…<br /><br />無法再從妳口中說出對我的呼喚,<br />無法再看妳臉上滿滿對我的驕傲,<br />我現在一切的成就,妳看到了嗎?<br />我來不及說的思念,妳聽到了嗎?<br /><br />如果時間能再回到當初,我願意做任何事,換取再一次的機會跟妳說:我愛妳,也謝謝妳。<br /><br />ØZI 譜出最真誠的旋律,對於外婆的離別,用歌曲許下了願望,希望在遙遠的那一方,可以聽到他心中的思念以及來不及說出口的感謝。<br /><br />獻給每一場的離別故事,希望這首歌能串起所有的遺憾與願望,無論離開多久多遠,總有一天將會帶著這份連結彼此見面。<br /><br />Every story of regret starts with the words “too late”. <br /><br />In memory of his grandmother, ØZI thanks her for everything she’s done for him. With all of his thoughts coming from the bottom of his heart, ØZI writes this song in hopes that she can hear him from the other side, for her passing came earlier than expected and there were a lot of things he wished he could have said to her. <br /><br />He hopes that this song can also be therapeutic for anyone who has felt this similar feeling of regret because through writing this song, he himself had found peace knowing that there will be a day where he will be able reunite with his beloved grandmother again. 看更多