Diamond鑽石 ØZI

2018-06-08 華語/流行音樂/獨立/實驗
樂壇鑽石系新星 侵略式的聽覺饗宴,即將席捲華語樂壇 鑽石,是世界上已知硬度最高的物質, ØZI以此為名,便是想昭告自己的野心與靈魂,如鑽石般,無法輕易被摧毀。 歌詞中也提到,想代表FP-Forbidden Paradise新樂園, 在這如湖水般靜止已久的環境裡殺出一條血路,重新定義遊戲規則。 作為宣示性的一首歌,在編曲選用上, 以氣勢滂礡的教會合聲為基礎,做為Sample的核心, 加上強烈的808壓縮手法,讓整體速度感及Punch,輕易地就可以直擊你的心臟, 而MV找了知名的影像製作人-Tommy Trinh導演共同製作, 從LA開著四台車,其中包括MV裡的霧面黑G-Wagon, 經歷兩個小時到達廣闊的沙漠中拍攝,目的為呈現各種環境的荒漠氛圍。 “Diamond” is ØZI’s first released song of his upcoming debut album, “ØZI: The Album”. This song centers around ØZI making a statement about his desires to deliver a new sound to the Mandarin pop industry. He describes this desire for the title as indestructable as a diamond, and that he “takes no damage” no matter how hard you try to take him down. He chooses to use the two languages of which he’s most fluent in, English and Chinese, to show off his ability to intertwine the bilingual rap verses flawlessly. Since his first appearance in the music scene, ØZI has proven to be capable of elevating his game with every single song he makes. 看更多