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    1:28 吳卓源

    2017-09-07 華語/流行音樂
    在拿到美國伯克利音樂學院的證書後, Julia 吳卓源決定離開熟悉的環境,背著輕便的行李飛往亞洲,為自己的音樂夢賭一把。<br /><br />通常 18 歲女生不太會花時間在 Facebook 上尋找各大公司的音樂總監們,再用自己的 YouTube 連結轟炸他們。2012 年秋天,Julia Wu 卻真的這麼做了,總共聯繫了 15 位以上、完全不認識的音樂界前輩。隔天就收到了第一封、也是唯一的一封回信,來自 terrytyelee——同年他成功打造了 Kimberley 首張專輯,隨後在自己事業高峰時,辭去索尼音樂總監一職。他想找回初心,就像 1993 年的喬丹——時空的齒輪開始運轉。<br /><br />後來的五年間,兩人透過網路和廉價航空機票保持聯繫、用音樂支持著彼此,直到 Julia 做好準備。去年,她結束學業後,跳上波士頓飛台北的班機,來到這人稱華語音樂之都的地方,追尋自己的音樂生涯。五年的等待太長,他們已等不急要開始合作。<br /><br />1:28 探索了屬於千禧世代的都市情愛、距離感、疏離與歡愉。從這些寫於 2017 冬天至春天的歌曲看來,Julia 的故事才正要開始。<br /><br />After graduating Berklee, Julia Wu leaves the comfort of school and home to bet on an unwritten future. Fuck risk.<br /><br />Not every 18 year old spends the day sending out YouTube links to A&R Directors on Facebook. One day in the fall of 2012, Julia Wu did exactly that. She spammed every A&R Director in Taiwan to see who would reply. One did. Luckily for her, the guy who replied was terrytyelee. Coming off the success of Kimberley Chen’s debut, he had quit his job at Sony Music Taiwan on a high note. He was Jordan in 1993 looking for the next act.<br /><br />He replied and the rest fell in together like clockwork. Through the internet and cheap plane tickets, both spent five years supporting each other till she was ready to come out to Taiwan to pursue a music career. After graduating last year, Julia hopped on a plane for Boston and proceed to Taipei, the capital of Mando-pop, to pursue her career in music. This wait was five year overdue so both got to work right away. <br /><br />1:28 visits urban millennial themes of love, distance, separation and celebration. Written in the Winter 2017, it appears, or sounds like, Julia has only just begun. 看更多