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    妮妮(Cover Version)

    妮妮(Cover Version) 蔡佩軒

    2017-03-16 華語/流行音樂/獨立/實驗
    新生代創作歌手【蔡佩軒 Ariel Tsai】溫暖翻唱師兄【那對夫妻-KIM林京燁】告白神曲《妮妮》。Ariel 溫暖療癒的嗓音和不同的詮釋方式詮釋《妮妮》,獲得各大媒體相繼報導,佳評如潮。Ariel 因為第一次聽到《妮妮》便覺得很感動很溫暖,所以決定翻唱和傳遞這首歌的正能量,發佈至今已感動百萬聽眾,獲得熱烈迴響。<br /><br />Rising singer/songwriter Ariel Tsai covers “Nini,” the number one hit love song in Asia originally by Kim from The Couple. Ariel reinterprets the song with her warm and comforting vocals, gaining a lot of media attention from famous news sources and various social media platforms. When Ariel first heard “Nini,” she was very moved by the song and decided to cover it in hopes of spreading that same positive energy to those who heard it as well. Within 2 weeks of its release, Ariel’s cover of “Nini” hit over 1.8 million views, continuing to impact and touch many who hear the song. 看更多


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